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A creative solution when you are stuck.
Past life regression has helped people with relationship issues, phobias, sexual problems, unhealthy coping strategies, addictions, and many other diverse issues. You don't have to believe in it. You just have to give it a chance.

What is it like?
Most clients vividly experience a scene with an underlying theme that closely relates to their current situation. They experience this as a third party so they are able to view it dispassionately and without bias. Often this insight is enough to immediately remove the pain from their lives. In other cases, repeated sessions are necessary to uncover the layers and slowly move towards relief.
Will I remember anything?
Only in rare cases does the client not remember what happened. Most of the time, the client is totally aware of their surroundings. They can hear everything, speak, feel warm or cold, and can open their eyes at any time. In other words, they never lose control.
Can I get "stuck?"
No. The only way you might get "stuck" is if you consciously live your life in a way that is looking back to what you were and what you did, rather than living the life you have now. While I have heard of people who are fascinated with their pasts to the point of obsession, I have not experienced it.