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Coming Soon- Greece/Turkey
We are currently putting together a tour to Turkey and Greece. We will be visiting sacred sites of antiquity to open up the past life recall.

Past life regressionist and therapist, Laura Giles, will be on site to help with the integration of these memories. Dream workshops will also be available.

If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail me with your mailing address and I will send a brochure when details are finalized.

Past Trips- Egypt
Egypt, the land of mystery, evoked many emotions in our travelers. We laughed, cried, breathed in magic, and experienced many awakenings.

One traveller wrote:

I love Cairo. I hate Cairo. Every day was a gift from God. Each moment assaulted my senses in ways I never knew possible. Just as I thought I had experienced the pinnacle of human expression, something happened to eclipse that. Every day brought special moments that by themselves would have made the trip worthwhile. I dream of Cairo and cannot wait to return. I want to sit on the Sahara sand and watch the pyramids forever. I want to feel the smallness of my Self in the vastness of the desert. I want to touch the people that touched me. I want to be overcome by the joy the dancers feel when they shimmy onstage. I want to fill with hope that that dancer could be me. I want to be in Cairo!